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m SHADOW DESERT Black Desert Private Server
High Rate Server
m SHADOW DESERT It seemed to be a sort of monster, or symbol representing a monster,
of a form which only a diseased fancy could conceive.
m A New Hero Rises You were a hero round these parts. That's what they call you when you
kill so many people the word murderer falls short.
Shadow Desert


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All Rates are x40. Over the Weekend it will increase the EXP rate by x20. You get Starter Gear including Tier 8 Mount DUO Grunil Gear, Weapons, Pets. You get 50 Pearls over the Week every 60 mins on Weekends its 100 Pearls.

Shadow Desert Guardian

Latest Classes

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Those are the Latest Aviable Classes on Shadow Desert


The Guardian class is a female “viking” class and is considered to be more of a tanky “bruiser” with her heavy melee skills. She uses a one-handed Battle Axe as her primary weapon and a Shield as her secondary weapon. At level 56, Guardian unlocks her awakening skills and a new awakening weapon, which is the Jordun (similar to a Halberd weapon).


Lets face it. Shai is just too cute for words. She’s different than anything Black Desert has ever offered before. I love her animations as she twirls her big boomerang in crazy circles.


"Increased Rates x40 , Starter Gear, Admin Suprises, Free Pearls afk or grind, Events, and much more "

- Shadow Desert

Guardian Version Release

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